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Meghan Keeney has been published in Business Insider, i-D, Pointe Magazine, Dance Teacher, The News Tribune, Seattle Refined, and The Monitor. Her areas of interest include the arts (from music to dance and everything in between), food, and internet culture. 

Recent Articles:
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Why ‘thrift flipping’ clothes isn't as ethical as it seems 

(published on i-D)

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5 Reasons to Keep Taking Online Dance Classes Post-Pandemic

(published in Dance Magazine)


The Hybrid-Class Conundrum: How to Teach Virtual and In-Person Students Simultaneously (published in Dance Teacher) 

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Virago Art Gallery is a much needed home for women & LGBTQ+ artists


(Seattle Refined) 

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Rabecca Onassis Boutique in Pike Place adds bold color to a grey city

(published on Seattle Refined)

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Yes, You Can Take a Day Off: The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Rest

(published on

Pointe Magazine)

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Popular beauty brand Alaffia connects Olympia, WA to Togo, Africa

(published on

Seattle Refined)


OP-ED: No excuse to skip any election in Washington

(published in the News Tribune) 

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Gamers spend hours in front of their computer screens. These are their best tips for creating a work from home set-up 

(published on Business Insider)

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When—and How—You Should Be Stretching Throughout Your Dance Day

(published on

Pointe Magazine)

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Pushing for Progress, No Matter the Circumstance

(Seattle Refined)


Olympia's Left Bank Pastry is a no nonsense French patisserie

(published on Seattle Refined) 

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Fried Chicken and Hugs at Tacoma's Southern Kitchen 

(published on Seattle Refined) 

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Limited edition ice cream collab 'screams' for racial justice

(published on Seattle Refined) 


When can we do The Time Warp again? Tacoma theater's loyal fanbase wants to know

(published on Seattle Refined) 


 Fashion as Empowerment;

Youtuber Macy Eleni’s Confidence Journey through Thrifted Fashion

(Her Campus Link Coming Soon) 

Dancing through a broken foot, near homelessness, and political turmoil

(published on the Monitor)

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I Think I'm Starting to Reluctantly like Lady Bird After Watching it 3 Times

By Meghan Keeney